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Brewing Joy: Creating Your Dream Coffee Station at Home

Hey there! How do you start your day? For me, there needs to be coffee. It’s not just a morning ritual; it’s a hobby that’s stuck with me since my college days. I’m definitely not a morning person, and I rely on that jolt of caffeine to wake me up and kickstart my day. I remember being like a little tornado every morning, rushing out of the house to catch the bus to make it to class on time. Back then, the quality of my coffee was the least of my concerns – it was all about the quantity!

How It Started

I had this $20 Mr. Coffee 5-cup maker, nothing fancy, but it did the trick. I’d set everything up the night before so that as soon as I woke up, I could quickly pour my brew into my tumbler and dash out the door. But as time passed, I started to appreciate not just the caffeine boost but the coffee itself. That’s why I decided to create my own coffee station at home – a place where I could slow down for a moment and savor the coffee – not just gulp it down.

So, if you are like me, who craves a nice cup of coffee to start your day but often find yourself in a rush, join me on this journey! Imagine waking up each morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee right in your home! That’s the joy of having your personal coffee station. It is not just about the cup of caffeine; it’s about creating a little happy moment before your busy day! 

Setting Up Your Coffee Station

Now, let’s explore how to set up a home coffee station that is not just about convenience, but about enjoying a little piece of bliss each morning! Before we start, you are probably thinking. Jeez I will need to spend lots of money for my coffee station and it’s not going to worth it! That’s not true. You can control your spending, your preference, and flavor of your beans! No more bland, overpriced coffee from Starbucks or busy cafes. Instead, every cup of coffee is for your taste and preference! Say goodbye to those money sucking coffee runs!

Choose the Right Spot

The very first step is to find the perfect spot in your home. It could be in your kitchen or part of your dining room. Others dedicate a little corner in their living room or study room. Wherever you choose, please ensure the location is near an outlet and it has enough space for your coffee maker and all the accessories you need.

Select Your Coffee Maker/Equipment:

This is the most fun part! There are so many choices for you to brew your perfect cup. Are you a classic drip coffee or espresso drinker? Maybe you prefer a French press instead? Call me crazy, but I have almost every type of coffee maker at home. My main coffee maker is the Philips Espresso machine 3200 with Lattego that I got during the pandemic lockdown. It’s an automatic espresso machine that can make more than just an espresso shot. It also makes lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos. The only con for me is that it doesn’t just froth milk by itself because I can’t play with latte art with it (even though I have other tools for frothing milk). However, the newer model has that feature now, and it makes me want to switch . If only I can find a trade-in program for espresso machine, then maybe I can justify getting a new machine.

Storage and Organization

Depending on how you want to set up your coffee station, you can search Pinterest for ideas. Make sure you keep your coffee station tidy and functional. You can use shelves or racks for your coffee beans, mug, and other essentials. A drawer organizer is another thing you can use to keep smaller items like spoons, filter, or stirrers. Personally, I don’t keep those small things and mugs in my coffee station. I like to be able to open my kitchen cabinet to select what kind of mug or spoon I would like to use each day! For your beans, you can choose any canister/ jar you like; I recommend getting the air sealed ones so you don’t lose the aroma from your beans.

Coffee Beans and Grinder

I used to get ground coffee because I was lazy and I didn’t care what beans I used. I would just get the ones that have the biggest discount. Let me tell you, freshly ground beans make a world of difference! If you are committed to having the best coffee experience, I suggest you invest in a good quality grinder and purchase whole beans! Don’t forget to store your beans in airtight containers to maintain their freshness.

One of my favorite things to do is I love to visit different roasters and try their coffee; if I like the coffee, then I will purchase a bag of beans from them. Don’t be afraid, experiment with all the different roasts and origins to find your perfect cup. Being pregnant has limited my bean choices because I switched to decaf. I haven’t found one I can stick with it. I started with Kicking Horse coffee beans because I got such a big bag. That didn’t turn our so well so I got a decaf bean from Verve. I didn’t like the Verve decaf bean at all, and it wasn’t cheap, too. Took me a while to finish a 12 oz bag. Now I’m drinking Lifeboost decaf beans that I got from Amazon’s Black Friday sale. Good thing the pregnancy is going to end soon, so I can switch back to regular beans.

Other Accessories and Add-ons

This is where you can be creative! Decorate with art pieces, daily quotes, or anything that reflects your personality. Some common add-ons that people have are milk frother for latte art, a scale for precise measurements, and syrup station if you like to add flavors to your coffee. You can also add a selection of mugs to make the station feel special. Personally, I keep it simple and combine it with some of my tea goods. I have a small collection of flavor syrups, a hand milk frother, tea bags, and electric kettles. That’s it! The goal is not just to create a space to make a coffee, but it’s also your personal haven that reflects your identity.

Now, there you have it; you have your own coffee station! Make sure to keep your station clean and well- maintained. Regularly cleaning your coffee maker and accessories can ensure the best tasting coffee and durability of your equipment as well. The coffee station is more than just a spot to brew coffee; it’s also my personal retreat where I start my day and also gives me happiness whenever I need an extra cup of coffee.

Even Bagel is enjoying the aroma of fresh coffee. As you start using this space day after day to brew your coffee, you will find out how much money you are saving from those frequent Starbucks/cafe visits! Plus you get to share your perfect cup with your friends and family wherever they visit. Maybe you will even become a coffee connoisseur or make the perfect latte art! Wherever your coffee journey takes you, it will reflect your taste, your mood, and yourself! Cheer to your new adventures!

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