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Welcome to My World of Diversity and Discovery

Greetings, fellow life explorers! I’m Rae, and I’m delighted to have you here. I wholeheartedly embrace the beauty of life’s diversity and the joy that arises from pursuing a wide range of passions; my academic pursuits and diverse entrepreneurial ventures have enriched my gratitude for life’s adventures and its limitless possibilities.

I am absolutely thrilled to open the doors to my digital home, a space where I will share my canvas of life with the vivid hues of diversity, curiosity, and adventure.

Life’s Mysteries

My journey is a story told through a kaleidoscope; it seems like there is no logic and doesn’t make sense, but every element combined together paints my own unique story! My tale begins as a second-generation Taiwanese immigrant, setting foot on American soil at the age of 15 lost in a new world, and later on pursued a passion for music and earned a degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Go Bears!

My graduation photo

But life is never linear. Instead of following a conventional path, I recently decided to step into the realm of entrepreneurship. Today, I am involved in multiple businesses – an EHS consulting firm dedicated to safer and sustainable workplaces and a pet product business that celebrates the joy of pet-human bonds. Stay tuned for more stories on my future ventures. By the way, I’m still working for Morning Star publishing company as my main job and helping landlords manage rental properties as my side job. I bet you are wondering, why do I do so many things at once?

Life’s (Lack of) Focus

Even my father doesn’t get it. He told me, I only focus on one thing in my lifetime, and I found success through that focus. You don’t divide your focus and time on different things; you will fail for sure. People don’t understand why I’m doing this, and this is why I call myself a life explorer. You only get one lifetime. There are certain things in life that aren’t fair, and you can’t choose, but for the things you can choose, you should explore your options to your heart’s content and if you fail, it’s ok! That is just part of life.

Everyone has their own definition of success. What is success to you? Is it to become a millionaire? Or become a famous influencer? Whatever your answer is, it’s fine! Your answer might change over time, or you don’t have an answer now; it’s alright. First step to guide you is to identify yourself, then you will be on your path to find what you want in life. Just put these two questions on your wall: who am I? Who am I not? You will gradually find yourself, understand yourself, and know what you want in life. People learn as life goes on and that is basically what I’m doing currently!

Life’s Surprises

Also, my interests and pursuits extend far beyond business. I find that I am at peace when I’m with my little beasties by my side and I didn’t expect this because I am not an outdoorsy person and I’m afraid of bugs and slimy stuff. Whether it’s an invigorating hike in the mountains, an impromptu road trip, or a light stroll around the neighborhood park, this change came after I adopted Bagel and wanted to train him as an adventure cat! That forced me to go out into nature to let him experience life outside our home.

Life’s Pleasures

There are so many things to explore in this world but there’s so little time. For me, coffee, food, and wine are my gateways to understanding the world’s cultures. They’re not just hobbies or something I enjoy; they are also bridges to stories, traditions, and flavors of our diverse planet. You can learn about coffee, food, and wine by reading books; however, experiencing them is magical! If you never try to brew a cup of coffee yourself how would you know that brewing the perfect cup of coffee is an art? Or discover new tastes and techniques from global cuisines? When you sip your next glass of wine, do you know what’s the story behind your bottle of wine and the effort the winemaker put into it? Getting the answers to these questions fuels my journey to find the next fascinating cup, plate, or glass that enriches my palate and mind.  

Life Explorer

The term “Life Explorer” captures the essence of my journey – a life that’s interesting, diverse, and always evolving. This platform is where I aim to inspire, connect, and celebrate the incredible diversity of my experience. It’s a space where you can embark on adventures through my words, gather insights from my experiences, and join me in celebrating the tapestry of life.

So, whether you’re a fellow explorer, a music enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a foodie, a coffee connoisseur, a wine lover, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of a diverse life, welcome! Join me in my adventures and feel free to share yours as well. I hope we connect through shared passions and you find inspiration to embrace your own journey.

Thank you for being here. Let’s make our life into a fun, vibrant, and diverse adventure!

Me in Sausalito


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